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Check out my demo recordings and see if I’m the right guitar, bass, or mandolin player for you. You can also book an appointment to have me create a demo recording of me playing on your song for FREE to test the waters. Or, if you’re ready right away, please book your Primary Instrument Recording Session or your Secondary Instrument Recording Session.

Your booked date/time is when I’ll be working on your project. You don’t have to do anything during this time. Turnaround time varies, depending on the complexity of the project, but most primary and secondary sessions can be finished within 24-48 hours (not including revisions). Demos may take longer.

Choose from the following options

Your FREE Demo - this is just a demonstration of what my guitar, bass, or mandolin part(s) might sound like on your recording. This may be a full-length song, or just a clip. Revisions are not included in free demos. You will get only a rough mix in MP3 form.

$150 Primary Instrument Recording Session - This is for ONE instrument part on ONE song. This includes unlimited revisions! This is for the first (or only) instrument you have me play on your recording. (Ex: You need one rhythm guitar part for your song; you need one mandolin solo for your song; you need me to write a bass line for your song; etc.)

$75 Secondary Instrument Recording Session - This is for an additional Instrument, with unlimited revisions included. You MUST have already ordered one primary instrument track for the SAME song before getting the additional instrument pricing of $75. The additional instrument price is not for separate compositions. (Ex: you’ve already ordered a rhythm guitar part, and now you would like a lead guitar part for the same song; you’ve already ordered a bass part, now you need a short mandolin solo on the same song; etc.)

- NOTE - You will be prompted to pay the first 50% of the total cost of your recording session in order to finalize booking (except demos, which are FREE!) Once your first 50% payment has cleared, I will begin working on your project on your reserved date and time. If your payment has not cleared by 24 hours before your reserved booking, I will not begin work on your project, and your project will be cancelled.

Step 3

I Record my Parts

I will send you a rough mix of me playing my part(s) on your song. You’ll have a chance to make changes and revisions on each part. I will make your revisions happen and send you another rough mix of the revised part(s) on your song. Once you’ve given your final approval, I will send you an invoice you’ll use to pay your final 50% of the total cost. This may be for one part at a time, or for multiple parts at the same time.

Once your final 50% payment has cleared, I’ll send you your professional quality guitar, bass, or mandolin part(s). These are individual parts that are mix-ready. Enjoy your pro tracks!

Step 4

You Get Your Pro Guitar, Bass, or Mandolin Part(s)!

0:00 Intro and general requirements 2:10 Prepping and exporting using phone, digital recorder, or sheet music 7:08 Prepping and exporting from Garageband 15:27 Prepping and exporting from a professional DAW 23:07 What happens after Emily records her parts?

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